Meet Testdroid at AnDevCon3

This week we will be exhibiting at AnDevCon3 in San Francisco and it’s going to be a really awesome week! Last time at AnDevCon2 back in November we were demoing the just opened Testdroid Cloud beta and now, six months and several thousand users later, we are ready to move Testdroid Cloud out of beta and to production mode. More on that a bit later this week…

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Introducing Testdroid Recorder 2.0 with major improvements

We are very proud to introduce a new significantly improved version of Testdroid Recorder which integrates now nicely with Testdroid Cloud and helps Testdroid Recorder users to really make the most of all the real Android devices available in Testdroid Cloud. The biggest changes and improvements in version 2.0 are:

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Greetings to all Droidcon Berlin visitors

Dear Android developers,

In the past year Android has taken giant leaps in all possible fronts: It has taken the market leading position in device shipments, in number of new models, in number of available applications and also, unfortunately, the number one position as the most fragmented mobile platform around. We at Bitbar have done a lot of work so that every Android developer could worry less about Android fragmentation. By automating your Android testing with Testdroid tools you can get the needed device coverage – and it is easier than ever!

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Testdroid Recorder 1.1.13 is out with great new features

Hi all,

A new and significantly improved version of Testdroid Recorder is out and this time our development team has really really delivered good stuff – and plenty of it! Here are the new features and improvements in Testdroid Recorder:

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Bitbar sponsoring HTC developer event @ HTC Mountain View, CA on February 17, 6pm – 9pm

Bitbar is sponsoring an HTC hands on developer session at HTC’s Mountain View Office, 800 W El Camino Real, Suite 200, Mountain View, CA 94040. Robert Biczek from Bitbar will be introducing Testdroid automated Android application test tools and giving free access to Testdroid Cloud ( to all participants. Please talk to Robert for more info.

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Out of memory exception when changing Activity or creating Bitmap object in Android

One of the most common causes of fragmentation is limited hardware specs, whether it’s small RAM, slow processor or low resolution screen, they all create a challenging environment for Android application developers aiming for ultimate device compatibility. A lot of Android developers face memory issues on low costs devices and this is how it usually goes: You created a bitmap and your application throws an OutOfMemory exception but there is still a lot of free memory and you are left wondering: What is the source of problem? How to limit this? Let me explain.

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Happy New Year and highlights of 2011

Greetings and Happy New Year 2012!

On the behalf of everyone here at Bitbar, allow me to thank each of you for  participating in the Testdroid story this past year—and take a moment to share some of the highlights.

Year 2011 was a huge success for Android, becoming the #1 smartphone platform in the world, and year 2012 will undoubtedly be even better for the entire community. More than 700 000 Android devices are activated every day,
more people use now mobile apps than mobile browser, for the first time ever and Android Market just recently reached 400 000 applications.
Demand for great apps and mobile services is enormous, and we are here to help everyone to launch the best Android apps & services around.
We at Bitbar have expanded our product offering during last year from Testdroid Recorder and Testdroid Server to Testdroid Cloud. We will continue to deliver our vision for making software testing as fast and easy as possible.

Testdroid Cloud is now open for everyone!

Testdroid Cloud has now been in closed beta for 6 weeks and we have had a great opportunity to iron out most of the obvious technical and operational challenges. We have been adding new devices to Testdroid Cloud on weekly basis and well will continue to do so. We have made several usability improvements and introduced several new features based on beta user requests. Please keep sending new feature suggestions – we will implement them as you can see from the list below. Now that the scalability is proven we are opening the beta for everyone. You can sign up by leaving your e-mail address here.

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Testdroid Recorder 1.1.12 – Time line recording.

And here it is! Testdroid Recorder 1.1.12 arrived. In this release we add great new timeline recording feature. Robotium and monkeyrunner tends to playback tests as fast as they can. However, if your application needs to do something time consuming after the action, it may not keep the pace of a test. For example, when your application fetches data from a server, the delay caused by network latency and server reaction might cause test to fail.

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