Testdroid Recorder 1.0.0.beta is out!

Now supporting recording without source code and generating monkeyrunner tests
One of the new features is recording monkeyrunner test scripts by using the application under test. monkeyrunner is a tool providing an API for writing programs that control an Android device or emulator from outside of Android code. monkeyrunner is primarily designed to test applications and devices at the functional/framework level and for running unit test suites. Testdroid Recorder generates monkeyrunner python code, which works on higher abstraction level of Android OS than for example Robotium framework and uses mainly x,y -coordinates to interact with the device screen. This has limitations in multi-device testing with various screen resolutions, but may be absolutely adequate for certain tests. Robotium works with objects in the application under tests rather than x,y -coordinates making it more compatible for automated testing of an application on devices with totally different specifications as well as with different languages (the testing of localised applications).
Secondly, recording either Robotium tests or monkeyrunner tests without source codes is now possible. You no longer need the source code for recording tests, just having the .apk is enough. This has been seen as necessary feature by QA personnel we have worked with, who are interested in true black-box testing of Android applications.
We have also revamped the UI, now it’s easy to correct mistakes made during recording and record multiple test methods on one go. We also added a “take screenshot” command to check the appearance of the application on the devices conveniently during the test execution. Other UI improvements are setting the recognition preference, for example if you want Recorder to use index instead of resource ID in Robotium testing (for example you can use index instead of resource ID in views where all widgets share the same resource ID).

For more information about these new features please take a look at our new tutorials section at https://bitbar.com/testing/.

Testdroid Recorder 0.9.12.alpha is out!

The new 0.9.12.alpha version of Testdroid Recorder is out! We worked hard to provide you new features and improve the existing ones. The enhanced GUI simplifies the recording. Now you can pause and resume it without restarting the recorded application. It is also possible to remove the recorded commands just during recording.

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Strategies for coping with Android device fragmentation

Last week I was speaking at Android Only! 2011 conference in Malmö, Sweden. My presentation was about Android device fragmentation and more specifically on how Android application developers can cope with the current fragmentation in Android devices. This problem did not exist 9 months ago and now it is becoming the single most expensive headache for any serious Android application developer. To understand the full extend of this problem you only have to browse through the comments of any application in the Android Market. About 80% of the comments are about the application not working correctly on a specific phone model, updates that make the application crash or in the worst case the application that the customer just paid for does not install at all.

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Testdroid Recorder 0.9.10.alpha is out!

Version 0.9.10.alpha of Testdroid Recorder is now out.

This release was focused mostly on bug fixing and polishing existing functionality.

Please check out latest alpha at https://bitbar.com/download. If you have installed previous versions, you can just update it by going to About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update (Eclipse restart is necessary).

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Bitbar presenting at Android Only! 2011 conference

Jouko Kaasila from Bitbar will be presenting at Android Only! 2011 conference in Malmö on June 14, 2011. His presentation is under a title of “Strategies for coping with Android fragmentation”. The presentation will cover approaches for automating Android application testing and will also answer the question why testing on real devices is a must for any serious application developer. He will also give examples of most common problems with incompatibility and go through best practices to minimize thecost related to device fragmentation.

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Android UI Design Patterns & Best Practices – part 1

How to design Android application which get you more money? Do you know where money comes from? It comes from really good users feelings and experience. You should know that if your app does something that is useful but ugly, slow and confusing, people will not use it. If your app crashes, it won’t be featured. If it doesn’t have good usability and quality, you have really failed as a developer.

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Testdroid Recorder compatible with ADT 11

New version of ADT has been recently released. There are several updates coming with it. You can read about them on http://developer.android.com/sdk/eclipse-adt.html. ADT 11.0.0 is compatibile with the latest version (0.9.8.alpha) of our Testdroid Recorder which has been released yesterday. It contains a bunch of bug fixes and better usability. Please try it out!

Testdroid Recorder 0.9.5.alpha is out!

First trial version of Testdroid Recorder Alpha has been out for few weeks now and we have been overwhelmed with the positive response it has received and the sheer amount of downloads every day!

Naturally as the product is still in Alpha there are some issues to fix and we have had very good defect reports from our Alpha users. We are fixing these issues on continuous basis and will be releasing the fixes every second week. We are also preparing a list of known issues as well as a list of all Android UI widgets that Testdroid Recorder currently recognizes.

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Bitbar starts licensing sophisticated automated test solution for Android

A great number of customers have shown interest in our build and test tools hosted from cloud. Especially companies from Android development community have contacted us, which indicates they are really actively seeking solutions to improve development process and productivity and especially quality of apps and services.

Like with many other new things, moving builds and tests to cloud is seen as a great idea, a way to save money and improve efficiency, but companies still have concerns integrating their development environment to cloud. Many times it is about policies, companies might have already invested in build servers and sometimes the build & test times are not seen as waste.

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Bitbar announces Testdroid

Helsinki, Finland (May 4th, 2011) Bitbar, technology and services company enabling Android software development teams to accelerate their product development, improve quality and lower fixed costs in their development by providing automated software Build and Test environments, announces the release of Testdroid Recorder and Testdroid Server in conjunction with Google IO 10-11 May 2011.

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