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During the past few years, our products have helped variety of different types of app, game and web developers to build better quality apps, and we’ve been very excited and honored to see our solution helping out so many different types of developers. Clearly, from indie devs to largest corporations on earth, Testdroid technology has a significant value to offer in order to help making the entire mobile ecosystem – including app developers and end-users – more compatible against each other.

Bitbar Professional Services is a solution for you to get rid of complexities related to mobile app testing, test automation, frameworks, but making the app quality better with help of our expertise. We’ve got a wealth of experience from shortening the testing cycle times from several weeks to hours, and now we’re offering this to you as a service – Bitbar Professional Services. When it comes to performance and efficiency of your product development, agility and instant feedback is key to success. Highly efficient development phase testing and QA for your games, native apps or mobile web apps reduces your development time significantly and allows you to ship your software faster. You need simple solutions that work – instantly and continuously – whenever new features are developed.

What Bitbar Professional Services Offer?

Professional, Best-in-Class Test Experts in Mobile. Shortening time-to-market drives up your revenue. The earlier youpro_service_dude-300x300 launch, the earlier you will start generating revenue. With high volumes, every day counts. The solution is to go agile, do continuous integration and testing. That’s what Bitbar Professional Services will get you and help you to significantly improve time-to-market of your apps.

Software Engineer in Test – as Part of Your Team, Process and Success. We’ve been an agile company from the day one. We’ve experienced what agility means in mobile app development and, especially, in testing. Our mindset and infrastructure relies on daily continuous integration, delivery and testing and as your app will go through this process, you’ll get the most efficient results from testing effort. Our expert, your expert.

Comprehensive Management for Quality.
Knowing that every app, game or mobile website is different, with different goals and target segments, we make sure that your efforts in marketing and development are not wasted. Our dedicated engineers and project people for you are expert users of test automation and test frameworks to produce you the best results. Our test experts can offer strategic direction and troubleshooting whenever you need it, as they know your industry and agile_arrow-300x283understand your technologies.

The Best Coverage for Analysis, Reporting, and Performance. Depending on your goals, we engage selection of over 1000 different devices on iOS, Android or Windows, from all over the world, to analyze your every build. Functional, performance, compatibility and usability testing, all covered. The results are immediately actionable report for your developers: CPU profiles, memory usage, FPS analysis, exact screenshots, videos and all logs to fix issues fast. No waiting for several days to finish the test cycle, you
receive the reports in hours from hundreds of devices.

Leading Provider in inspect_app-300x300Mobile Dev & Test. A successful mobile-first strategy relies on high quality apps and services. To help you execute mobile strategy decisions on insight rather than assumptions, we can provide management level Performance Reports and help you develop truly agile dev&test processes. If your success has reached a point where mobile is becoming, or already is, the number one channel for you, Bitbar Professional Services can help you concentrate on your core business and shorten time to money.

Test Automation Onboarding & Training. Our dedicated test automation engineers will not only hand over robust test scripts, but also give advice on how to quickly adopt test automation in team. With managed services, your QA team will get enough knowledge about test automation and scripting to take over afterwards. cut_costs-300x239

Controlled and Reduced Costs. With agile Bitbar Professional Services, you know exactly what testing effort costs you per month. Using our comprehensive service, your fixed IT costs will be converted to variable cost, allowing you to budget more efficiently and jump start with testing right away.

What Will Bitbar Professional Services Deliver?




For more information about Bitbar Professional Services please visit here. Interested in service introduction, please download the datasheet – or – if you’re looking forward for more information about the process, this document is for you. Contact Us

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