Upcoming Update on iOS Capabilities and iOS Devices

Bitbar Public Cloud - Bitbar Testing

Dear Bitbar Testing users,

There will be a big change related to our iOS capabilities during the next release update. The release is scheduled to start on next Tuesday May 23rd at 11PM PST / Wednesday May 24th at 8AM CET. And it takes about 2 hours for the update and maintenance.

What is the change?

To improve the iOS app testing at Bitbar Testing, we are going to make a big change concerning all of our iOS devices in order to scale up our iOS capabilities. 

The old iOS devices are archived and they will disappear from the device groups. This would mean new runs won’t generate any results before the iOS device groups are recreated by the user. Customers aren’t able to retry their old iOS runs either.

What should you do?

As a result, customers need to recreate all of their iOS device groups and populate them with the newly created devices. Those will be available after the release update on Wednesday.

Overall it would cause some extra work for the customer, but this change will significantly improve our capabilities on iOS device availability and give our customers an ever better iOS app testing experience. 

Happy iOS app testing. 

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