Upcoming Webinar: Ensure Your Mobile Channels Generate Revenue on Holiday Peak Days

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Dear Testdroiders,

We’ll be hosting a top webinar about helping you to get sales-ready with all your important mobile online channels during the holiday season. There will be variety of tips and tricks presented here so do not miss out this one. We have limited number of seats available so please do sign up as soon as possible and reserve yours. These seats will be quickly taken. Hurry up!

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Are you – and especially your mobile apps and web channels – ready to make the most of the upcoming holiday season? According to Forrester Research the US e-commerce will top $300 billion this year, and the majority of that happens around holiday shopping season. Being unplugged few minutes or mobile app not being able to deliver means an instant loss of revenue. To succeed in this critical time of the year, ‘Sorry, not available’ is not an option for a second during that hectic 6 weeks.

Join Testdroid mobile and data experts to learn the best tips and tricks to avoid any downtime and learn how little it takes to make a final stretch to ensure your mobile app and web channel work absolutely on that critical period of time. This webinar will guide will provide you tips and guides on both mobile and web channel readiness for these peak days.

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Of course, the hot topic this time of the year is the sales readiness and how to ensure all digital channels are ready for those peak days. This is quite important as people must be 100% confident that their digital channels will scale when traffic comes in and through – and they must understand what is the impact of this sort of massive traffic for a variety of different things: app, web, back-end and many other critical elements in this equation. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you out and share our knowledge to get the best out of this effort.

Our webinar will focus on this topic and provide those best practices with a bunch of tips and tricks, and naturally we’ll have a questions-and-answers at the end for any specific topic you have in your mind. As said, these seats will be taken quickly so hurry up and reserve yours!

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Mobile Success Guide for Holiday Shopping Season

Download this ebook to learn how to get your mobile channels ready and prepared for the biggest day of the year.