We Cordially Invite You to the Testdroid Cloud for iOS Beta Program

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Location:  In the Cloud

Date:  Starting July 23, 2013

Dress code:  All variants of iPhones and iPads

Hosted by:  Team Testdroid

RSVP:  cloud.testdroid.com

Close your eyes for a second and imagine this blog post as a hand-delivered, ribbon-wrapped, letterpress invitation on card-weight cotton made by hand at a centuries-old paper mill.

We think it’s that special.

Team Testdroid is excited to invite all current and potential Testdroiders to try out Testdroid Cloud for iOS and experience for themselves the cross-platform testing capabilities of Testdroid Cloud specifically for Apple iOS device testing.

Testdroid Cloud for iOS is our online testing service for iOS applications and games that offers instant access to over 15 real iOS devices with different setups and platform versions.  Now in Beta, this program supports all variants of iPhones and iPads, meaning that apps and games can be tested in the context of different hardware (chipset, display, sensors) and software (platform version, dependency to other software).

Register for this Beta program and we’ll contact you within 48 hours with more information about the current Beta configuration.  Upload your iOS program (.ipa) to Testdroid Cloud with the UI Automation test package (generated by Xcode). Also, Testdroid provides a test project skeleton for writing test scripts for iOS platform that are written in JavaScript.  Only basic knowledge of testing frameworks is required.

Even if you are late to the party (which just started on July 23), new features and devices will be introduced as the Beta program rolls along.  We’ll keep participants updated about the progress of the official launch too.

So … why attend the party?

  • Test with real iOS devices online and in real-time to ensure that your products and services work well;
  • Create, capture, verify, analyze and compare tests across a set of devices to rapidly and accurately detect any flaws before your users do;
  • Automate your tests and speed up T2M significantly with feature-rich automated testing capabilities that save time and money and radically improve time-to-market;
  • Get maximum device coverage with zero upfront investment by verifying your app or game in one test run on a range of iOS devices, from the latest to the oldest;
  • Receive detailed information about your software so that you can compare performance and compatibility across devices and quickly and efficiently troubleshoot and debug;
  • View pixel-accurate screenshot comparisons between devices and OS versions, to see how your app or game looks on each real device with different screen sizes, resolutions and form factors.
  • Team Testdroid continues its mission to create an increasing number of tools for developers that help make their lives easier, so forgive us if we like to think that this Beta program is the hottest ticket in town.  See you in the cloud!