Webinar Recap: Getting Started with XCTest/XCUITest for iOS App Testing

Webinar Recording: Exercising and Scaling Up Mobile DevOps in the Enterprises

Thank you all for attending our latest webinar – Getting Started with XCTest/XCUITest for iOS App Testing. Although XCTest/XCUITest is not new to iOS developers, it is one of the hottest open source test automation framework for iOS app testing.

For those who are new to XCTest/XCUITest or whoever missed the webinar, you can get free access to our video recording and slide deck here. Please share it with anyone who should be involved in iOS app development and testing. 

This webinar covers:

  • The state of the art of iOS platform, test automation and frameworks
  • The basics of XCTest/XCUITest and how to get started
  • Comparison of test automation frameworks for iOS app testing
  • Best practices, tips and tricks using Xcode features for efficient app testing

In addition, you can check out the slidedeck below and share it for internal use. 

If you are interested in running iOS app tests with XCTest/XCUITest, you can sign up at Bitbar Testing to start your iOS app testing.

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