What to Expect from Google I/O 2015

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3 weeks left – Google I/O 2015 is kicking off at 9 am PDT on May 28.

As the most important annual event targeting Android enthusiasts, Google I/O surely excites everyone in Android world. During the event, every Android developer has a chance to attend the code labs, sessions, and hands-on learning. For most of the Android lovers, however, the most exciting part is that many new stuff will be unveiled and announced at the show.

So what are you expecting from Google I/O 2015? We have made a wild guess below and you can share with us in our comment section if anything interesting on your mind.

New Nexus Device

New Nexus Device Google I/O 2015

Much evidence shows that Google is highly likely to introduce a new Nexus model – with the highest possibility on Nexus 5 (Second Generation).

Two months ago Google announced to stop selling Nexus 5 as the company wants to focus on the sales of Nexus 6. Nevertheless, the sales of Nexus 6 were not as strong as it was expected to be according to Google’s earning of 1Q15. And the pricing of Nexus 6 might be to blame for dragging down its sales and leading to a slow growth of Nexus family.

While phablets like Nexus 6 do have a great potential, Google surely would like to find a new model to fill the gap left by its discontinued Nexus 5. Also the recent introduction of Project Fi might indicate the emergence of a new Nexus device.

Last but not the least, in consideration of the poor market share of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google is likely to introduce a second-generation Nexus 5 with Lollipop to stimulate the sales of Nexus devices and performance of Lollipop.

Android OS Version

Android 5.2 L or 6 M

Now software. The next interesting part to expect is Android OS Version. By the time that Android Lollipop was available, we covered the rumors of the next Android version – Android M and its announcement and availability.

If you take a look at Android distribution chart and the table below, it is highly possible that Google will not introduce Android 6 or Android M at Google I/O 2015, but only Android Lollipop 5.2 (available at a later time this year).

Android Versions up to dateAndroid Version Distribution

Android Wear

The war between Google and Apple will never end. From Operating System, Smartphones, Software, In-App Services to the new area – Wearables, especially Smartwatches. Undoubted, Android smartwatches got earlier release than Apple Watch, with Moto 360, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear disclosed at Google I/O 2014. Now with the challenge from Apple Watch, Google would definitely push Android Wear to a new level as wearable is still a very new area for both Google and Apple.

While lots of OEMs/partners have teamed up with Android by developing their own smartwatches, Google might also announce their own smartwatch – ‘Nexus Watch’ as a big surprise to confront Apple Watch. That would be interesting to see this year or near future.

'Nexus Watch'

Sessions & Learning

Besides the above most exciting things, Google’s Agenda shows that there will be lots of interesting and inspiring sessions during the event like What’s new in Android, Battery Performance and Tooling, Android Wear: Your app and the always-on screen, Mobile app quality leaps to the cloud, which might be a good resource to learn tips & tricks.

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