Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference – Quick Recap

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Yesterday, we had a pleasure to attend the first-ever Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference held in San Francisco. Despite of little extra excitement offered by false fire alarm and SFFD making their debut in this conference, the event itself was brilliant and really backs up the claims that Yahoo is now seriously interested in mobile.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.23.20 AM

One of the most interesting thing – and somewhat the most relevant one for mobile app developers – was Yahoo’s launch of their mobile developer suite. Now, this tool offers great set of handy tools for developers, from analytics to app publishing and marketing, plus some additional products mainly provided by Flurry.

Another interesting data point – that are typically highlighted in the events like this – was the time how much the US people spend on their mobiles every day. That’s staggering 177 minutes. Surely, it is a great data point for advertisers to know how much people spend on seeing their ads, but from our point of view, this is also important for app developers. 177 minutes spent daily on mobile means that apps should be interesting and robust enough to keep their users using them. And doing that again next day, and so on.

According to Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s efforts and investments in mobile are paying off. Revenue from mobile, video, native and social advertising was more than $1.1 billion last year, about 24 percent of the company’s total sales.

Overall the event was really polished and professionally run. Also it seems that people at Yahoo! have really thought about the entire developer experience from easy code level integration to very expressive query interface to all of your analytics data. Also the integration of native Bright Roll video ads looks like a really well thought through implementation. Like in many things it is that it’s better to do fewer things and do them really well than doing a lot of things in haphazard fashion. So far everything that Yahoo introduced looks like really useful addition to any mobile developer’s toolbox and we are curious to see what’s coming next.